By Emily Clements, The Washington PostLuna sandal laces and soles are known for their durability, and in this case, the company’s new laces have been tested to provide durability for years.

That’s the key to why the new sandals are so popular.

In the past, sandals were made from heavy materials, like leather, rubber, and nylon.

These materials have a tendency to crack, break or break down over time, leaving the soles of the shoes in the shoe with very little support.

But with the Luna Sandals, the soled sole is engineered with a lightweight, flexible polyurethane (PU) that can withstand abuse from everyday activities like biking, running, or climbing.

Plus, it’s made with the laces from an old-school sock, which means the sole of the sandals is not susceptible to the same issues as a traditional sock.

“They’re designed to be worn under the sock, and they’re designed for walking,” says Kelly Waddell, a senior product designer at Luna.

“We think that’s a really great idea.”

The shoes are also designed with a unique toe design, which can give the sandal a very comfortable fit.

“If you wear a lot of sandals, you probably know that it can be very painful to break them,” Waddill says.

Luna has tested the sola-sole design on hundreds of pairs of Luna sandals for years, and says the company has never seen a sandal break in the same way.

So if you wear sandals and want to wear them with your feet covered, they’re an ideal option.

But to get that same comfort and durability, you’ll need to make sure you use a lightweight PU material.

Laces are made from a type of polyuretha that’s known as polyester.

PU is made from the same type of material as latex, which is why sandals made with it are also known as rubber sandals.

But if you’re concerned about the durability of your feet, Luna recommends wearing the Luna sandal with a low-profile, lightweight, polyureTHANE footbed, like this one from Nike.

The PU in the Luna brand’s laces has a high moisture barrier, making it ideal for footwear with low or no moisture content.

This is a good choice if you want to get a sandals with minimal impact, but the Luna laces are designed with PU soles that can support the weight of your foot.

It’s a great option for people who don’t want to take on the risk of breaking their feet, but for people looking to get comfortable in a sandally-typed shoe, it could be worth the investment.

Luna lacing and soling the shoes, which are available now, are currently available at the Luna site, but Waddll says Luna will soon be offering the lacing in the US.

The company also recently launched the Luna Sport, which features Luna lace soles and a PU heel for a lightweight and flexible boot.

It also offers a limited edition version of the Luna Socks.

Both laces come in a variety of materials and styles.

Waddills says Luna is adding a PU-based footbed to its shoes in hopes of getting more people to consider using PU soled shoes.

But while Luna is making sandals from a high-quality material, it does have a lot to learn.

“For us, it was about just getting to a place where we can make products that we can recommend and recommend them to people and make sure that they’re durable, and that they are comfortable,” Wadill says of the company.

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