WASHINGTON — It’s a little early to talk about the best-selling sandals on sale this year, but the Miami Heat’s LeBron James’ men’s and women’s basketball teams, which are still competing, are selling some of the best sandals the NBA has seen.

The NBA All-Star Game kicks off Sunday in Miami, and the Heat are leading the way with an array of sandal styles that can be purchased online.

One of the first models to catch on in recent years, the men’s Sandal is made of high-tech, synthetic leather.

The ankle strap is covered in biodegradable mesh, and it comes with a removable, reflective fabric to match the color of the foot.

The soles are made of a material called Vibram, which is a combination of polyurethane and rubber.

The sole is designed for stability, and you can adjust the foot for different toe positions.

The men’s Heat are currently leading the NBA in sales.

In fact, they’ve already eclipsed the men in total sales of sandaled shoes, according to Footwear Brand Trends, a data company that tracks shoes sales.

In fact, it’s the only shoe LeBron James wears in the All-Stars game.

In 2014, James wore his men’s Miami Heat sandals.

In 2017, the Heat’s shoes sold out within days, and they’ve sold out in record time.

The Miami Heat are a big player in the global shoe industry, and James’ new shoes are a good example of the popularity of the brand, according the company.

“In the United States, there’s a very strong connection between basketball and sandal, and we’re seeing a lot of excitement in the marketplace about the style of shoes that LeBron is wearing,” said Dan Auerbach, executive director of Footwear Brands Trends.

In the past year, LeBron James has worn sandals by the Heat twice, and his shoes have sold out.

The NBA All Star Game kicks start Sunday in the United Kingdom, where LeBron James is visiting.

“We think it’s really exciting for the shoe industry to see people like LeBron James wearing a new shoe like the Heat, and seeing people in a very similar fashion,” Auerbert said.

The Heat’s men’s basketball team is making waves with its Sandal.

The team has sold out of the shoes within days of their debut.

In 2017, LeBron wore a pair of sandally-soled sandals in the NBA All Stars Game.

It was the first time he wore a sandal in an All-star game.

The new models also have some of a unique twist.

The men’s shoes have a design called a “flap-toe” that is designed to allow for a more flexible fit.

It is a design that was popular in the 1960s and 1970s, but is not typically seen in shoes.

The flaps can be adjusted to allow a greater degree of flexibility, and there are different types of flaps.

For example, the flaps for men’s tennis shoes are shorter than for women’s shoes.

Auerbach said there are also models that are “flattened,” and they allow for better fit.

He said the Flap-Tail is a shoe that can accommodate the widest range of sizes.

For LeBron James, the Miami Dolphins are one of the most popular men’s shoe brands in the world.

The Dolphins were among the first to release their men’s sneakers, and a new pair of LeBron James Sandals has become a must-have in the Miami area.

The team is currently selling out of sandaling shoes at stores in Miami.

LeBron James in a sandaled Miami Dolphins sandal.

The shoes are sold out, but a Miami Dolphins spokesperson said there were more pairs of the LeBron James sandals available at one Miami store on Friday.

LeBron was wearing his new sandal on Saturday, but he is planning on wearing them again at the All Stars game.

He also took to Twitter to express his excitement over the shoes.

“It’s crazy, to be honest.

These shoes are so comfortable.

It’s really awesome.

I’m very happy with it, especially because the Miami teams have been selling out all summer,” he said.

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