The first man to wear a helmet was a Roman soldier in about AD 150.

And there were two kinds of man in the Middle Ages: the regular soldier who wore the head-gear and the armoured man who wore armour.

The armour was mainly made of leather and was often made of a kind of wood, but the helmets of the regular soldiers were mostly made of metal and were also sometimes made of brass.

A medieval man had a very distinctive style of dress.

In fact, many medieval dress styles were very much influenced by the style of the warrior’s armour.

But in a different way, they also had a lot in common with the styles of the ancient Greeks, Roman soldiers and other ancient cultures.

What made these medieval dressings distinctive was the fact that they did not have the traditional ornamentation of the Greek or Roman armour, which is usually associated with the use of gold, silver and bronze.

Instead, these medieval man’s clothes were designed to look like a simple suit of armour.

They did not use any ornamentation, so there was no need for decorations or decorations-related decoration.

These medieval clothes were also very different from the suits of armour of the Greeks, Romans and other traditional Greek, Roman and Greek-style men.

In the Middle East, we often find these traditional Greek and Roman dressings, but they are not always found in the archaeological finds from these periods.

These dressings have a certain resemblance to the style worn by the Greek and Romans in the Roman Empire and were probably the most distinctive styles of dress in the world.

A few of these medieval dresses are very interesting.

They show how the dressings were influenced by certain styles of Greek and Latin dress.

They also show that these dressings are not really a complete adaptation of Greek or Latin dress from the early centuries AD to the Middle Age.

And they suggest that these early Greek and Celtic dressings may not have been the only ones of which we can trace a direct line back to the Roman era.

For instance, the medieval dress of the Byzantine and Roman eras shows some very clear parallels to those of the classical Greek and classical Roman period.

But the dress of medieval men in the Mediterranean region is quite different.

The dress of these men is very much like the clothes of the Romans and Greeks in the early Byzantine and Medieval periods.

This suggests that they had a much more developed form of dress during this period.

These men also had different hairstyles and different facial expressions than the dress styles of their Greek and Classical Roman counterparts.

So, this may also have contributed to their distinctive style.

This study was funded by the Royal Society of the British Empire.

This article was originally published on New Scientist.

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