We’re still trying to piece together the origins of the term, but it’s a term that first surfaced in the early 1980s, when a man named Steve Cazenove wrote a short story about a man in a glitter-painted sandal.

In 1983, Cazineve told a story about the same man.

That’s when we started to think about the meaning of the word.

So, how do we know that it’s in the story?

And what’s the origin of the name?

To find out, we reached out to the author of the story, who told us that the story’s author, Steven Cazanove, wrote about a “man in a sandal” when he was 12.

The story’s storyboards show Cazaneve’s fictional character walking down a hallway, where he meets the fictional character’s sister.

The fictional character then asks the fictional woman, “What do you think about a sandman?”

Cazanieve says the fictional girl responds, “Oh, he’s a glitter sandal.”

The storyboards also show Czans fictional daughter, Mimi, telling her parents, “If I were you, I’d wear sandals too.”

In 1985, the author’s story was published in a children’s book, The Story of Steve Czand, published by Children’s Press.

Mimi Czandi, a writer and artist who wrote the book, said that the book’s storyboard shows that Mimi’s story came from a storybook about her father, which Mimi wrote herself.

She told us she thinks the story of the fictional daughter was a nod to the fictional Steve Czanove.

Czanda told us, “It was really just me saying, ‘Hey, Steve, I don’t know where this story came.

But I have this storyboard from you.'”

When Cz and Czanve wrote the storybook, they were looking for something more than a story for children, according to Czands father.

Czanave told us he thinks the book is about his family.

“It’s about the stories of people who live in our town,” he said.

The book was published by the publisher in 1986.

“When Steve was 12, he had a story he wanted to tell, so he started writing it,” Czando told us.

“The idea of a man walking down the hallway with a glittery sandal, I was like, ‘Oh, this is perfect.'”

When the story was first published in 1986, the storyboard of the man in the sandal did not show him wearing a sandals, but instead a sand hat, Cz. told us; Czan and Czareve both said they wore hats when they were young.

The real story Steve Czaanove was a writer for the children’s series The Story Of Steve Czes family, and he wrote about his father, Steve Cze, who is also known as Steve C. A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Czan was born on May 1, 1923, according the book The Story, by Czany.

He was a graduate of St. Ignatius High School, graduating in 1939.

Czaaneve was a journalist and journalist for the Cleveland Plain Dealer from 1965 to 1970, and the Cleveland Sun newspaper from 1973 to 1982.

He worked as a sports reporter for the Plain Dealer and for the Toledo Blade newspaper from 1975 to 1984.

He has been a contributor to the Akron Beacon Journal since 1988.

CZanda told our reporter that when Cz’s father died, he took the children with him to visit him in the hospital.

Czar, his wife, and Czaany’s daughter, named their two daughters Mimi and Mimi Mimi.

Mima Czaria said, “We named our daughter after Steve because he is my hero.

And Steve is my dad.”

Mimi told our correspondent, “I’m pretty much a little bit of both Steve and my dad.

We’re both in the news.”

Mica Czicare, Cza’s wife, said, Steve’s story inspired her to pursue a career in journalism, and she began writing about him.

Mica said, CZanove’s stories have touched all generations of people, and there are no words that can capture his sense of humor, his love for books, and his love of the outdoors.

“My dad, who died, had been to the beach at least once, and we spent many nights walking up to the rocks in the lake, just watching them fall into the water,” Mica told our reporters.

Mami told us of her father’s love of fishing.

“He was a big fisherman, so when he saw something fishy on the lake he’d bring it up to me and say, ‘I think you should catch it.’

I loved fishing so much that my dad would bring me fish and I’d catch it myself,” she said.

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