Givenchy’s newest slide-ons have a cute and fun design, and they’ll make you look great too.

The brand’s newest, and one that will be available for pre-order for $150 from December 1, have the same minimalist design as its signature slide-ones but offer a few key differences: It has a cushioned heel instead of a heel-mounted cushion, a raised tongue instead of the raised tongue-shaped design of its original sandals and a curved tongue.

In addition, the new sandals come in two sizes.

The first, with a size 9, has a slightly wider heel to offer a more supportive fit.

The second size 9 comes with a heel mounted cushion that is longer and more firm.

These two styles are designed to be worn with a pair of Givenchy slippers.

The new sandal, which is available for $149, is a little taller than the first, and it comes in a variety of sizes and finishes.

The lace pattern on the front of the sandal is a bit different from that of the original sandal because the lace pattern was made with a softer, darker color to create a softer feel.

It’s available in three different colors and four different finishes.

This is a new design for the sandals.

The previous version, shown here, was made in a darker shade and had a less supportive fit, said Lauren Koppel, marketing manager at Givenchy.

The new design has the lace design that was designed with a lighter color and has a softer fit, which helps with comfort, she added.

Sandals come with an extra clip on the heel, which can be used to attach it to the shoes, said Koppell.

It is a clip that can be removed, and this gives the sandally more stability.

A new version of the Givenchy sandals is available in two different colors.

This version is available with a lace design for a slightly higher price.

The sandals can be ordered at Givenchys website or in stores, but only for preorder.

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