Givenchy sandal is the most fashionable footwear in France. 

But this summer the brand is being accused of using children as guinea pigs. 

One worker has described her shoes as “baby shoes”, and others have described them as “toxic”. 

In a Facebook post, Givenchy said it would ban the shoes from its stores in France from September. 

“The shoes have been designed by our creative team in partnership with the Children’s Agency,” a spokeswoman said. 

 “These shoes are not appropriate for working in our factories.

They are designed for children under the age of eight.” 

 The statement added: “Givenchy has already banned these shoes from all of its stores across France from Friday, September 18, 2018, to protect children from harmful and potentially harmful environmental hazards.” 

The French consumer watchdog SEMONEC said Givenchy had violated the law by making “child shoes” available for sale in the public market. 

The organisation called on the French consumer authority ECMTO to take immediate action.

“Givenchy is responsible for the quality of its products,” the watchdog said in a statement.

“This includes the quality and safety of its footwear.” 

“ECMTP must immediately take immediate measures to prevent the introduction of the child shoes into the public markets and ensure that they are not marketed to children.” 

Givenchy also denied the company was using children in its factories. 

In March, a worker said she had to wear a pair of Givenchy shoes in the factory when she went for an afternoon walk. 

At the time, the company denied the claims and said it was simply using children to test its products. 

However, a spokesperson told RTE: “This is a case of a young worker wearing a Givenchy shoe. 

These shoes, which have been specially designed for her and her mother, are designed to fit her in a comfortable way and have been approved by her parents. 

They were created for her by our team.” 

A spokesperson for the Childrens Agency told the Paris Match: We do not use children in our workshops, nor do we test the shoes on children, nor have we authorised them to wear them.” 

However givenchy has not said whether the shoes will be banned from its retail outlets in France or whether it plans to appeal the decision. 

Last year, the British shoe giant Lululemon pulled its clothing line from the French market over a similar issue.

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