Irish government plans to crack down on the use of disposable socks, shoes and other outdoor products will see new stamping rules introduced for the first time in the country.

The Irish Examiner understands that the government will introduce a new stamp classification system which will see only products which have been inspected by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (DEHP) be allowed to be used.

This will apply to all types of outdoor products, including footwear, gloves, hats, scarves and socks.

Under the new system, products such as handbags, bags, boots and socks that have been in use for more than one month will be excluded from the system.

The government will also introduce new regulations around recycling and stamping.

The new system is designed to ensure the use and disposal of all products which are recyclable.

In response to the introduction of the new stamp rules, which will be published in the Official Journal of Ireland in mid-January, a spokesperson for the Irish Environment Minister, Pádraig Ó Díchta, said that the Department will be working with the industry to identify ways to improve recycling in Ireland.

He added: “We are committed to ensuring that all Irish products are made with recyclables in mind and this will be a priority for DEHP in the coming months.”

The Department of Industry, Energy and Natural Resources (DEIR) is the agency responsible for the regulation of outdoor waste.

It was founded in 1999 with the aim of reducing the number of outdoor items in Ireland and was established to provide support for the sector.

In addition, the agency has also been tasked with the regulation and control of products that are used in Ireland in other countries.

It operates a number of enforcement activities across the country, including the collection of waste from landfills, recycling of plastic, stamping of items and inspecting the disposal of products.

Source: The Irish Examiner

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