Trump has a lot of problems and he doesn’t like to admit it.

The president’s frustration with the media is palpable, especially in the aftermath of the Paris terror attacks.

The media is obsessed with a single false story after another, the president told Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Tuesday.

“It’s a sad state of affairs,” Trump said of the media.

“They’re not telling the truth.

I think they’re very much in the habit of putting out stories that are very sensationalistic, but very misleading.

They have been.”

Trump was referring to the fact that the media has been spinning the Paris attacks narrative for weeks.

This week, The New York Times claimed that a group of ISIS supporters was responsible for the attack in Paris, though the group is not believed to have been involved in the assault.

Fox News has been reporting that the group was actually an offshoot of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, formerly ISIS).

The president has also said the attack was inspired by President Donald Trump, and that he is responsible.

“The people that were there, the people that saw it, the terrorists that were at the Bataclan theater, the attack that was going on, it was a horrible, horrible, despicable thing.

It was one of the worst attacks that I’ve ever seen, and I think it was one that I’m not going to forget for a long time,” Trump told Hannity.

“I mean, I have to say it, it’s a terrible, horrible thing.

I’m going to be very proud of it.

And I know, and you know what?

I’ve said it many, many times.

We have a tremendous amount of problems, but we have a lot more problems.”

Trump has said the attacks are proof of the failure of U.S. intelligence and the failure to secure the border.

“We have tremendous problems with our intelligence.

They’re not going through our borders.

I have a very high percentage of the population that doesn’t have their country, and it’s not going, and we have to do better,” Trump has claimed.

“And they’ve been getting it for a very long time, but now it’s been very well-documented and they don’t have the information, they don, so we have very little to go on, but it’s terrible.”

Trump told Sean Hannity that he wants the border to be “open,” which would be a major change from the status quo.

“When we come into Mexico, we’re going to get into Mexico.

We’re going there for trade and business,” Trump explained.

“So, we can get into all kinds of things.

We can make deals, we make deals.

We will open the border and we can be partners.”

He added that he believes the Paris attackers were part of a “big group” and that there was “a lot of intelligence on them.”

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