It was a pretty good sandal.

It was soft, had no buckles, and the straps were just a tad long for my shape.

I think I’ve always been a little insecure about my sandals. 

But, I am now a little more comfortable with my sandal style. 

As an athlete, I don’t need sandals to keep my feet dry.

Sandals are an amazing piece of gear that will protect your feet from the sun.

They keep you cool, cool your feet, keep you from getting cold, and prevent blistering.

They make you look more professional, more athletic, and more cool. 

I am also no stranger to sandals on the beach.

They’re fun and I enjoy them for the beachy look.

But, they can also be a bit distracting when you’re on a surfboard, or in a pool, or riding a skateboard. 

If you’re not sure which type of sandal is best for you, check out our list of the Best Sandals for the Beach. 

So, what are the best sandal styles for your body type?

We love these beach sandals because they are soft, comfortable, and they’re super versatile.

We’ve featured some great sandal options in the past for men, too, so be sure to check out the best beach sandal and surfwear photos for men! 


Mia sandals (sold separately)Mia is the newest brand from Milo.

The brand has been around since 2009, and has been making sandals for over a decade now.

Mia sandals are perfect for hiking or hiking and riding because they have the same elasticity and flexibility as your typical sandal, but they’re also super versatile for hiking and biking. 

The first Mia sandal I owned had a removable, removable, stretch lace bottom.

Since then, the brand has expanded their range of sandals with different designs. 

When it comes to sizing, I like the Mia sandales to be a little bit snug, but not too tight.

If you’re worried about size, the Mia sandaled shoes will fit a little snug in my opinion, but I recommend sizing down to your regular sandal size. 


Beach sandal (sold individually)If you don’t have the time or money to buy a lot of different sandals at the beach, then there are a few options for you to choose from. 

These sandals were one of my favorite choices because they look great on the water and they don’t look like they’ll be a hassle to get out of your pack. 

They’re made of a soft material that can be worn comfortably on the ocean and at the gym.

They can be a lot warmer than your normal sandals and can be comfortable to wear on a hike, bike ride, or swimming. 

On my last trip to Europe, I was wearing the Mia Sandaled Beach sandals every day and I was super happy with the fit and comfort. 


Chaco sandalMia Chaco sandaled is the brand I used to wear in my first trip to the Caribbean, but Chocho Sandaled has since gone on to create a new range of mens sandals that I like. 

Since the Chocho sandals debuted in 2016, they have expanded their products to include a range of different designs, including beach sandaled, hiking sandaled and cycling sandaled. 

After being a big fan of the Choco sandals since the very first edition, I’m a big Chochos fan, so I really love the chaco sandales. 


Shark sandalsSneakers with sharks are all the rage these days.

But while you can wear your sneakers with your sandals all day, you probably don’t want to wear your sandal on a shark, because you’ll look like a shark. 

With sandals like these, the shark sandals will work great for surfing and skateboarding, too. 

For me, these sandals worked great for my feet and ankles, so they worked well for me for all the different activities I did. 


Hiking sandalsHiking is an awesome way to get in shape.

You can get in a lot out of walking on the trail or running up mountainsides.

But I love sandals so much that I bought a pair of hiking sandal for my wife. 

This is a great option if you’re just starting out in hiking and don’t mind wearing sandals in your shoes. 

You can wear the hiking sandales at your local gym and keep them on while you run or hike. 


Dancing sandalsDancing is my favorite sport.

I love dancing, but it can also help you get in great shape. 

While I love a

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