Posted July 25, 2018 14:12:51 A former soldier who spent 18 months in a military camp in Afghanistan has told of being abused by his fellow soldiers, including one who tried to rape him.

Sam Edelman, from Wollongong, south-west of Melbourne, says he was subjected to repeated sexual assaults, including a group of four men who took turns rubbing his genitals against his body.

Mr Edelman says he began feeling sick when he was moved to another camp in the north-east of Afghanistan in February 2016, after a colleague reported him to the Australian military.

“The soldiers were really nice and there was a great camaraderie, but there was just one problem,” Mr Edelmans said.

“They were trying to get a girl to come and have sex with them.”

The soldiers in the camp began using the camp’s toilets as a makeshift “play area” for the young soldiers, who had been stripped naked and tied up in pairs.

They would strip off and go around holding hands in the toilets.

“It was like I was an animal,” Mr Sam said.

One soldier, who was known to Mr Edelsons family, allegedly tried to force himself on him.

“He was about 15 or 16 years old,” Mr David told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“When I heard it he started running towards me and I just tried to run away.”

He was attacked by a group after he resisted a male soldier who tried unsuccessfully to rape Mr Edelson.

“I remember it was like the last 20 minutes,” Mr Dave said.

Mr David was attacked with a knife after he and Mr Edlesons family moved from another camp.

“We were so scared because they knew what was going to happen to us,” he said.

The attack occurred when Mr Edler was a teenage boy in the late 1980s.

Mr Sam says the soldiers were also responsible for sexual assault on other young men.

“One guy was like a 12-year-old boy, who just raped me,” he told ABC News.

“A 13-year old girl was like, ‘I’m going to rape you, too.’

They raped a 14-year, 17-year …

They just didn’t stop.”

The assaults continued until Mr Sam was finally released from the Camp Zabul.

He spent 18 years at the camp and is now retired.

Mr Dave says the abuse began when he left his home in Melbourne and returned to Afghanistan.

“My friends were always telling me, ‘Oh, you should have come back with your family.

You should have done something.

You didn’t deserve it’,” he said, describing the camp as a “death camp”.

He said he has received support from other former soldiers who have now returned to Australia.

“At one point, a soldier said to me, I’m going home and I’m not coming back,” Mr Davidson said.

In his letter, Mr Davidson described the abuse as “unspeakable”.

“I have been through hell, but I have been allowed to go home.

I am a proud Australian, and I will always be a proud American,” he wrote.

The former soldier has written a book about the abuse, titled The Last Camp.

“This is the story of the abuse at the Camp [Zabul],” he said in a statement to ABC Radio’s 7:30 program.

“There are some things I know for certain.

I will never forgive myself for what I did to my family, and to the families of my fellow soldiers.”

“There is no doubt that I was abused.

You don’t even want to talk to them, you just want them to leave. “

You don’t want to be around people who don’t understand what it’s like to be raped.

Mr Sam has also written a letter to former commander General Peter Morrison about the allegations, which were investigated by the Defence Department. “

If I had any empathy for the other men that were there, they didn’t want me there.”

Mr Sam has also written a letter to former commander General Peter Morrison about the allegations, which were investigated by the Defence Department.

“As a member of the Australian Defence Force, I am entitled to due process and protection under the law,” he read in his letter.

“In addition, I do not believe that my actions were justified in my circumstances.”

A spokesman for the Defence Minister said he was unaware of any allegations of sexual assault against the Australian soldier.

“Any allegations of abuse against the Defence Force would be dealt with under the appropriate policies and procedures, and the military justice system operates in accordance with Australian laws,” he confirmed.

“All allegations of misconduct are investigated, thoroughly and impartially, with appropriate sanctions.”

“All complaints of sexual misconduct are thoroughly investigated, and all appropriate sanctions are administered.”

Mr Edellons family has asked for an independent inquiry into the allegations against the soldier.

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