A group of female students at an Oregon college have taken to social media to share their personal experiences wearing slide sandalls, a pair of sandals that are popular among young girls and women.

The students, who were invited to a summer party, wore the slip-on sandals in a show of support for women wearing the footwear, which is typically worn by teenagers.

The event was held at Ponderosa College, which in 2012 started its annual spring festival, which included an art exhibit, performances and dance.

The school recently opened a scholarship program for women who wear the footwear.

The girls, who have not been identified, said they are excited to be part of the spring festivities.

“We are trying to make our voices heard, but we are also trying to be more visible, because we want to be heard by everyone,” one student, who did not want to give her name, told ABC News.

At the event, the students, clad in bright green, said their favorite piece of gear was the slippers worn by a group of teens who have a knack for dressing up in costume.

The shoes, called the slipper sandals or the nike slide, are typically worn with a black and white patterned sandal or skirt and black shoes.

The girls say they are part of a movement by the women’s movement to wear women’s footwear to express their individuality and empowerment.

“It was a way to celebrate women and to show that we can be a part of something bigger,” the student said.

The college was not able to confirm the girls’ identities.

The school’s president, Jennifer St. Clair, said in a statement the event was meant to celebrate the diversity of the students and that the college would be supporting the scholarship program.

“Our mission is to educate and empower women and girls and encourage them to feel comfortable expressing themselves, and this is our way of doing that,” she said.

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