A new trend in sandals is for a square toe version, where a heel is worn along the top of the sandal instead of the sole, which is typically a standard sandal.

This has been gaining popularity on Instagram and Facebook and has become popular with people who like wearing their shoes a certain way.

According to Instagram user ThelmaK, who posted a photo of herself wearing a square-toe sandal, she liked wearing her sandals with an “a bit of a flair.”

According to Thelme, “I love wearing my sandals the way that I do.

When I wear sandals I don’t wear the shoe off my feet.

I wear them like a dress.

When you wear sandal you get that look of a man who wants to make himself stand out.”

A similar trend has also gained popularity on the popular Instagram and Instagram group, “Aquatic Beauty,” with some users showing off their sandal-style footwear with photos of themselves in them.

The group has over 8,000 members, according to its Facebook page.

Sandals for square toes are a fashion trend, with people often opting for the style with a pair of square toe shoes or sandals that have a square heel or toe.

They can also be made in any size that works for them, according a Reddit user who goes by “Hobbits.”

A photo of a person with a square sandal can be seen on a woman’s Instagram photo album.

The popularity of the square toe style of sandals can also depend on the type of footwear.

Some people prefer a shoe that is designed for a wide toe to be worn with a round toe sandail, while others prefer a foot that is more of a heel or a wedge to be used with a rectangular sandail.

The shape of the heel also plays a role in which style of shoe you are wearing, according the commenter.

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