Adidas has announced plans to introduce new sandals in the NBA this season, and it will be available in a variety of styles.

The new shoes, which are intended to be worn on the court, will come in a range of colours.

“The goal is to provide an enjoyable, comfortable and professional experience for the players,” Adidas spokesperson Tom Loeffler said.

Adidas will launch the shoes in a number of styles, including the traditional black and white, blue and pink, and a variety with a variety or a color scheme that is unique to the style.

In addition to the standard black and gold pair of shoes, the new Adidas sneakers will also be available as a “golden pair”.

“This is a new era for the sport and we believe that the new design of the Adidas basketball shoe is an important step in that direction,” Loeeffler said in a statement.

“The new footwear, which is a collaboration between Adidas and the league, brings together some of the most popular basketball shoes in the world and is the result of a long collaboration between the teams.

These are the most authentic, stylish and professional sneakers on the market and they are an important part of our efforts to ensure a smooth transition to a new generation of players in the sport.”

Adidas has been on a journey to create more affordable shoes, with the company offering a new pair of sneakers for just $99 in the US.

But while the new sneakers are meant to be used on the courts, they can also be worn outside of the court and will be offered in several different colours.

The company has said the shoes will be the first in the league to be available for sale outside of North America.

The shoes will also come in pairs.

Baretra PS will release the new sandal in three sizes, from $129 for a pair to $159 for a full-size.

Players can also purchase the new shoes on the company’s website, which has been updated to include a new feature, where fans can vote on which shoe they would like to see on the back of the shoes.

According to Adidas, the “new Adidas sneakers have a premium quality and will bring a modern, high-performance design to the NBA”.

The new Adidas footwear will be on sale in stores from January 11.

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