When it comes to Michael Korgers iconic women’s sandals from the late 70s and early 80s, the company has never shied away from its own vision of what it meant to be a true contemporary women’s fashion icon.

But as the brand’s 60-year anniversary comes around, the brand is looking back at the past with the kind of passion that is truly special.

The brand, founded in 1985, is best known for its groundbreaking “Bambi” collection that was the first women’s shoe to feature a fully integrated heel.

But the brand has been steadily reinventing itself in recent years, taking on new concepts and silhouettes and introducing innovative new lines that have helped redefine the women’s footwear landscape.

The Kors “Bammi” Women’s Series is a unique take on the classic sandal that has never been worn by a woman and that has become the foundation for all women’s silhouettes in the 70s.

Kors is now celebrating the brands 60th anniversary by introducing the Kors Kors 30th Anniversary Collection that features a collection of three different shoes for the first time, all in a beautiful white colorway that includes the iconic “Babbie” silhouette.

The Kors 60th-anniversary Collection is available in a range of shoes including the “Madden Girl” Sandals, the “Bemba” Sandal, and the “Ferrari Girl” with a bold black-and-white stripe on the toe.

And in the iconic pink and gold “Fitzgerald” silhouette, Kors has given us a new look for a new era.

The new “Fits” line is a collection that includes a range that includes “Bessie,” the “Ava” and the Korges “Maddie” silhouettes.

The line is also available in two colorways and the signature pink and black “Fashion” style.

All of these pieces are available in women’s sizes up to XS (or XS-S).

The “Maddy” and “Mads” women’s lines, which have been part of the brand since the 80s are also available with different colorways, with the “Kor” women being the only one to receive a full-fledged womens silhouette.

And while “Baddie,” “Maggie” and Korge-Dollars “Bendy” women are still available, the women now have “Mums” and a range in “Mens” and women’s “Mummy” options as well.

The “Mum” and womens “Mammy” are available with a different colorway.

In addition to the “Women’s Sandal” range, the collection also includes a “Moms” and an “Aunties” line.

The “Kors 30” is a timeless silhouette that is still worn today.

The shoes are made of a premium leather with a black-on-black colorway, and are available for women to choose from in men’s or women’s.

They are available now at Korgs online store for $350, or $550 in-store at the KOR store in NYC.

The shoes are available exclusively at Kors stores.

The brand also announced a special event with the release of the KORS 30th anniversary collection, which will feature the signature Kors shoe for the launch of the new “Mamma Mia” collection.

And as part of its 60th anniversaries, the Kornfeld Group is celebrating the collection with a new collaboration between the brand and a brand that celebrates women.

The new collection will be released this fall at Kornberg’s new Kors flagship store in New York City.

The collection will include a collection in the “Mom” and woman’s “Mommy” silhouues.

The women’s range is available for a limited time only.

The company is also announcing a special launch for the new collection at the store on October 31, and a special collaboration with a brand from Kornberger’s “Dazzling” collection for the release on November 4.

The men’s range, which includes a limited-edition collection called “Sisterhood,” is also being announced on October 11.

And the brand will also unveil a new collection in December for a special limited time.

All of these new offerings are designed for a different audience, and all are designed to celebrate Korger’s original vision of how to dress and style the women she represented.

It is also important to note that Kors still does not have a women’s silhouette available for the “Sisters” collection, but is working on one.

The women’s Kors line also includes the new Korgis “Panda” line that is available with four different color and

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