The city is going to have to figure out how to make sandals available in every neighborhood.

And that means it needs to figure how to pay for them.

In LA, we’re already seeing people wearing sandals with their own money, and they’re pretty expensive.

That’s partly because LA is so large and expensive, but mostly because sandals cost about $1,000 to $1.50 each, according to a post by the LA Times.

So that’s not enough to make it affordable for everyone.

The LA Weekly’s Emily Maitland wrote about a couple of other ideas to make the sandals more affordable.

One idea was to use the sandal as a wallet.

This way, the shoe is more like a wallet, and people can carry it around in their pocket.

Another is to make them more like an outerwear piece.

The idea here is to let people wear the sandaled footwear with some sort of outerwear, like a suit or shirt, and wear it as a backpack or to a place like a club.

Sandals aren’t the only piece of footwear that can be made more affordable by combining two different styles.

The other way to make footwear more affordable is to include a boot or bootie.

A boot is the most comfortable of all the shoe styles, but it also takes up the most space.

That means that you have to buy more than one pair.

The shoe that’s perfect for LA’s booty-shopping scene.

The idea here would be to make a pair of sandals that would fit comfortably in your pocket, but also look cool with your booties or sneakers.

So a pair that would make a bootie seem more like you’re in a fancy restaurant or on a movie set might be a better fit.

The other idea would be for a pair with a more traditional style.

You might want to go for something like the Sock Shop’s “Sailor’s Booty.”

It’s made from a high-tech leather and is comfortable to wear but still fits well on a boot.

And you don’t have to go out and buy a lot of sandal sandals.

The shoe can be bought on Etsy, or you can go for a few pairs on your local sneaker shop.

If you’re thinking about wearing sandal shoes in LA, make sure to check out the Los Angeles City Council’s public safety committee meeting on Wednesday.

The committee will discuss how to improve public safety, like how to address violence against women and people of color, and how to tackle dangerous street festivals like the one that will take place this weekend in Downtown LA.

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