A black platform shoes brand has claimed its sandals are “Totally not Black,” according to a new video by Black Lives Matter activists.

In the video, which was posted online by the organization Black Lives Matters Action, a shopper named Ashley claims the brand’s white sneakers were made with a “Black model” in mind, though the shoe company says its “authentic Black product line.”

“You see them with Black women, and they’re not Black models,” Ashley says, adding that the shoes “look like they should be called ‘Black platform sandal’ but they’re made by a company that sells white sandals.”

“I just want you to know this is NOT a Black company, this is a white company,” Ashley adds.

“These shoes are totally not Black.”

Ashley is a black shopper who claims her black-only sandals look like white sandal shoes, but they aren’t.

The shopper also claims the “black shoes are made by T-shirt manufacturer [Gucci].”

The Gucci sandal company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Ashley also claims to have purchased two “black” Gucci Sandals that were “made by a white man.”

“What you want to know is how much money I’m going to lose?”

Ashley says.

“I was trying to find this Black man that made these shoes, because they’re supposed to be Black.”

“How do you feel about these shoes being made by people who are trying to hide behind a black label?”

The shoeter then explains how Gucci has made its shoes more affordable and accessible to “people who don’t look like black people.”

The shoher says that “when people come to Gucci, they buy a black platform shoe because they want to look like a Black person,” before comparing the company to “Tiger Woods.”

Ashley then alleges that the company “has a real problem with diversity,” and that the brand “has no way of representing people of color and they are all white.”

“They are all wearing white shoes, and I think we all want to see more people of all colors,” Ashley concludes.

Ashley has a history of racial and racial profiling.

In 2015, Ashley was arrested for trespassing at the Gucci store in Los Angeles, which she says was “for being a Black woman.”

Ashley was also reportedly pulled over by police at a Gucci location in Chicago in 2014, after she claimed she was wearing a Black hoodie.

Ashley’s arrest came after she posted a video on Instagram in February 2016 calling on people to boycott Gucci over the company’s racist policies.

The video prompted several other Black women to make public claims of being pulled over for wearing hoodies at Gucci stores.

Black Lives Moms, a Black women’s advocacy organization, released a statement that claimed Ashley’s actions “reveal an unacceptable pattern of targeting Black women for harassment and violence.”

The statement also called on Ashley to “come forward with details about the actual person who pulled her over and how she was stopped and what was said.”

The Guccis website has previously said that Ashley has not received a refund from Gucci.

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