The world of sandals is getting a new twist with the arrival of the ‘bollywood’ versions.

In India, there are a variety of styles ranging from traditional sandals to more contemporary styles.

And with the trend being for a lighter colour to be worn, we thought it would be fun to analyse the history of the sandals worn by different groups.

Read full storyThe History of the SandalsIndia is home to some of the world’s oldest sandals.

The oldest known example was made by the ancient Cholas.

Today, there is a plethora of sandal styles, from the modern to the medieval, and many more styles of the past.

Here are a few of our favourites.

First, there was the chalwar (a type of shawl) that is worn by the nomadic hunter-gatherers of Central Asia.

The chalwa is made from linen and the upper part of the shawls has a layer of cotton woven into the fabric.

The cotton provides a light layer of padding and protection, but is not too thick to be uncomfortable.

It also provides the wearer with a comfortable fit.

In the late 1800s, a woman named Anandu Prakash of Madras, made a chalwari from linen shawlers.

She also had a ‘shank’ made of the same material.

The shank is made of cotton, wool and linen.

The chalwal of Prakashi has a distinctive shape and has a wide gait.

Today, the popular ‘sandal’ is still worn by men.

It is made by hand from a blend of cotton and wool with a light lining.

The fabric is soft and breathable, and the shank and gait are comfortable.

It was the first type of sandala to reach the western world and was widely adopted by western men.

Today there are many styles of sandaled footwear, from sandals with narrow leather soles to sandals made with high-heel, high-cut sandals for men.

The most popular style is the ‘chari’ or sandal.

These are made of linen and leather with an outer lining and a lining of wool or linen shanks.

Sandals are made in many styles, ranging from a traditional ‘chadi’ (sandal with linen) to the modern ‘sandal’.

The chari has a narrow toe box, with a small toe box for the foot.

The shoe has a long upper and a long sole.

The sandal is worn in many different ways, including traditional Indian and Indian-inspired sandals and sandals decorated with scenes from Indian mythology.

The modern ‘sandals’ are made from a combination of cotton shanks, wool shanks and linen shank.

These sandals are worn in different styles, but are mostly made with leather soled soles.

The toe box is smaller and the toe box shape is less flexible, but they are comfortable for walking.

The soles are made to look like a shoe but are actually made from the lining of a shank of a chari.

The heel of the shoe is made to be flat and the sole is rounded and narrow.

This style of sandalled footwear is known as ‘santosh sandals’.

The modern style of sandals is made using synthetic materials and is more comfortable for wearing and looking good on.

Today’s sandals have been made by various techniques, from hand-making them in India to using machines to make them.

The process of making the sandal has changed over time, from one that is made with a hand to one that can be made by machines.

Today’s sandal can be handmade, but it can also be made using machines.

The technique that makes the sandaled shoe is called hand-made sandals (hijra) and it is the most traditional one in the world.

Hand-made sandal was invented by a woman called Gautam Khatri who had her first sewing machine.

It used a single sewing machine with a cotton fabric, so that it could be made with cotton fabric in its fabric.

Today it is made in China and Indonesia, where it is used to make sandals as well as other types of footwear.

Today people are not allowed to use sewing machines for making sandals anymore.

The last remaining type of hand-crafted sandal, called an “authentic” sandal that is not made by a machine, is made at the behest of the king of India.

These are not the only styles of sandal, but their history goes back hundreds of years.

In many ways, sandals are similar to the styles worn by hunter-gathers and other groups in Central Asia, who used the same pattern of sandaling.

Today sandals and other traditional sandal patterns are also used by women in the West, especially in the United States, but sandals made by women are also popular. There

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