AUSTRALIA’S top pedestrian safety advocate has criticised the National Park Service for introducing new laws aimed at cracking down on dangerous behaviour while walking in parks.

Read moreThe Victorian Parks and Wildlife Service (VWPWS) has now changed its rules, allowing park guards to carry firearms for the first time.

The new legislation will come into effect from January 1, 2020.

But, in the lead-up to the ban, the park service said it was looking at ways to minimise the risk of falling or getting caught in a fall while walking through a park.

“We are very aware of the issues around fall hazard and we’re working on ways to mitigate those risks,” a spokesman said.

“Our park guards have been trained in different ways to prevent fall in the park, including using ropes, ladders, or a metal harness to prevent falls.”

The new rules will allow park guards a choice of carrying firearms.

“The VWPWS said the changes were made to ensure the safety of park visitors and visitors’ staff and visitors to the park.

It said it will now work with local councils to assess the impact of the new rules on visitor safety.

The spokesman said the park agency would work with community members to minimising the risk.”

He said there would be a range of options for people who might fall, including taking an umbrella or a small backpack.””

And, they’ll be able use their experience with other park staff to make sure that they know how to carry a firearm safely in their area.”

He said there would be a range of options for people who might fall, including taking an umbrella or a small backpack.

“There are some things you can do,” he told ABC radio.

“I mean, if you’ve got a big backpack and you fall, you’ve still got that umbrella or you’ve also got a bag or a helmet.”

But you can also use a simple rope, a lasso, and then it’s just you and the rope or the lasso.

“The new regulations come as Victoria is on the brink of becoming the first state to ban the sale and use of handguns in parks and forests.

The Victorian Government is set to unveil its next firearms policy on February 10, when it will set the legal minimum age to buy a firearm.

It has been criticised by gun rights advocates and many Victorian politicians, who say the ban will make it harder for people to exercise their right to self-defence.

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