Teva sandal makers have started producing new styles of fitflop and sandals for women in Australia, including the Fitfloppy Sandal.

The new sandals are available in sizes ranging from a mid-size up to a full size.

Teva has announced it is partnering with Fitflopp, a brand that sells a range of fitstyle sandals.

The company said the fitflops would be available in “flip-up, flip-down, and flip-up back” versions.

The Flip-up version will be available starting in February.

The flip-back version is currently in the testing phase and Teva says that “this product will be ready for the market” in March.

The Fitflops are made of synthetic leather, which is made of nylon.

The leather is breathable, waterproof and water resistant, according to the company.

The flip-ups are also made of lightweight nylon and the material is stretchy and flexible, meaning they are very durable and can withstand many activities.

Teva is also introducing a new line of shoes.

They include a flip-top sandal, a full-length sandal and a flip top sandal with a wider ankle-high strap.

The “flips” are currently available in a black or white.

The company also released a new Fitflap Sandal for women, the FitFlop Sandaling, in February 2017.

The sandals were created by a team of Australian designers and have a range from a half-size down to a half size.

They are designed to fit both men and women.

Tevascare says that the Fitflake Sandal is the first of its size range to be available on the Teva website.

The Sandals will cost $99.50, which Teva said will include free shipping to any Australian address.

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