Posted May 25, 2018 11:33:47 A new baby footwear brand has become a hot topic in the industry as new baby boots from Goldsandal footwear start to sell.

A new brand, Baby Sandals is based in the United Kingdom, and they launched their first pair of baby sandaled shoes at the Autumn 2018 UK Retailer Awards.

In a statement to The Globe and Mail, Goldsandals said the brand has launched a new line of sandal designs to address the growing demand for a more affordable option for parents with children and their families.

The statement said the new styles will be available in October 2018.

Baby Sandals started as a one-off design concept in 2013, and its debut was a “surprise” to its competitors, Golds and Oakes said.

“We’re excited about this new product,” Golds said.

The company, which has a strong focus on baby and child-friendly designs, was founded by two parents, Laura and Tom Golds, who both work in retail.

They said they had been interested in baby sandaling for a while and have been inspired by the styles and design from other companies.

“It’s very refreshing for parents to see a baby sandalled product that has such a unique look,” Laura Golds told the Canadian Press.

The Golds have two kids, who they are currently raising in the US, and said the company has developed a “baby sandal” for their children that is “easy to wear, easy to slip on and easy to remove.”

Goldsandal has a growing following on social media and has even started selling its shoes in Australia.

“Our aim is to be the leading baby sandalling brand in the world, and we’ve been very pleased with the response we’ve had so far,” Laura said.

Laura said her company’s style has evolved since she started the business in 2013.

She said her parents are now the “biggest influencers” in the market, and her parents “have given us their blessing” to be involved in the business.

“I can’t wait to start designing baby sandalls for them,” Laura told the Australian newspaper.

The new designs are a great way to introduce parents to the idea of a sandal, she said.

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