The toddler is not a very active toddler and often forgets his shoes, so I recommend you don’t try to change them until they’re well out of their first year. 

This is especially important for toddlers, who have a very small head and will struggle to move around without them. 

I recommend trying to get them to wear the sandals once they’re about two or three months old. 

There are plenty of articles online about how to do this, but I’ll share the one I’ve found to be the most effective. 

Firstly, get the kids to try on some shoes at home first. 

When they’re three months they’ll be able to take off the sandal at their room temperature and wear them for a few minutes, and then go back to wearing them.

I’ve had some babies sit on my lap for a couple of minutes while I change them.

The second thing I suggest is to try and get them wearing shoes that are easy to change. 

If they don’t have shoes in the house they’ll have to wear socks for at least a week, but even if they don, you can try and find a pair of shoes that fit snugly. 

The easiest shoes to change are the ones that have the heel to heel hook, but you can also use your foot or shoe as a guide and change a pair in a park or in a nearby park. 

Finally, the toddler should also be wearing shoes which have a bit of padding to cushion their feet. 

Some brands even have cushioned toe shoes. 

A good pair of boots is essential, but if you can get a pair that fit perfectly you can even try and make your own. 

As for shoes, I usually find the following styles to work best: Black and Tan

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