LONDON — A woman’s dress is supposed to be a reflection of her personality.

It’s a statement of intent, and it has to reflect her values, so a white wedding dress doesn’t do that.

So why is it in the British fashion calendar?

It’s because the fashion calendar is a very specific kind of calendar, says Emma Hargreaves, who teaches a course called “The Fashion Calendar in Everyday Life.”

She says it’s very much about how we present ourselves in our everyday lives.

And what we do in our daily lives reflects our values.

So if we wear a dress, we’re saying we’re going to do what’s right for us.

And the dress is also going to reflect the person we are.

For example, a white tie and a dress made for a woman are very different than a dress and a suit made for someone who has more conservative values.

And it’s not about a dress that reflects a woman who is a social butterfly.

Hargreave says in the fashion world, a lot of people say, “Oh, I don’t really care what color a dress is.

I don, I just wear it because it fits me.”

Hargrains is one of those people.

She says she’s a white woman and wore a white, high-waisted dress to a wedding.

She thinks that’s so much more flattering.

She says, “I’m not really bothered by the color of my dress.

It says who I am.

And I feel like it says to my friends, ‘We’re all the same.'”

Hargrells says her dress was a bit different because she had a lot on her mind.

She said, “We’ve got to get back to being real and to be ourselves.

We can’t dress up and pretend like we’re some sort of celebrity.

We’ve got the responsibility to look like we belong in our community and our community is what we want to look good in.

We’re not the same as everyone else.”

So how do you make sure that your dress is as flattering as possible?

Hargrey says she doesn’t think she could make a dress for her without using a “sensible” way of dressing.

She used to wear her own high-quality designer gowns to weddings, but she says her own dresses look better and her guests like them.

She also thinks she should look for “sustainable alternatives” to traditional wedding dresses, which tend to have higher price tags.

She uses the phrase, “No More Black,” a slogan from the fashion and lifestyle magazine Zara.

Huffington Post contributor Jennifer Purdy has more on the dress controversy in her piece for the Huffington Post.

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