Merrell is looking to make some changes for its new Sandals, and this week, the company is taking a closer look at its current sandals.

“We’re looking to get a better fit with the wider range of foot options that we’ve got, but also look at making sure that we’re using the most durable materials and materials that we can,” said Marc Eberle, chief marketing officer of Merrell, during the company’s quarterly earnings call.

“With the sandals, we’re trying to put more of a premium on durability, and the more durable materials we use, the more we’re able to keep up with wear and tear and to be able to get out on our trails and do the things we love to do.”

In addition to the new shoes, Merrell also announced that it is bringing back its popular Merrell-branded sandals and sandals with Merrell logo to its stores and online store.

In addition, the brand is adding a new colorway to its collection: pink.

“When we first introduced these sandals to the marketplace, we didn’t expect that they would become so popular and become such a global brand,” said Eberles co-founder and CEO, Andrew Ziemba.

“The pink color is a beautiful shade of pink, and it’s one of the most unique colors we’ve ever created.

It’s so versatile.

It works well on any type of skin tone, and when it’s paired with Merrit, it looks so natural.”

The Merrell Sandals have become the company ‘s most popular footwear and accessories line, selling out in minutes.

In fact, in the last two years, the Merrell brand has sold nearly 1.3 million pairs of Merrit sandals worldwide.

“Merrell has always been about delivering the best possible experience for our customers,” Ziembalas said.

“As the brand continues to expand globally, we are focused on providing customers with the best experience and we’re looking forward to bringing our Merrit Sandals to stores worldwide and to the next level.”

The company is also introducing a new design, dubbed the Merrit Plus, which it says will be available in a variety of colors and patterns.

“This is an exciting and exciting time for Merrell and for our consumers,” Eberly said.

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