Macys Sandals have become increasingly popular with fashionistas over the past year, as they’re becoming increasingly popular in the luxury segment.

This is not the first time that Macys has been featured on the runway, as the brand launched its latest collection back in April.

However, this time around, it seems that Macy has gone a little bit further than just a stylish look.

The company launched a new collection of sandals in the summer of 2017, and this time they’re offering some pretty stunning shoes for men.

The new line features Macys signature sandals that are made with the same high quality materials as their traditional sandals, as well as leather.

It looks as though the new shoes will come in two colors, white and black, but this is still quite a few shades away from their standard black sandals.

The white and grey versions of the sandals are both available for $180, while the black version is priced at $240.

The black sandal has a premium leather lining, while a white version comes with a nylon lining and a white leather toe cap.

Macys recently launched its first pair of sandal flats, which are available for the same price as the shoes, at $280.

These are made from a special rubber, but it does feel a little different than the typical sandal, which is a material that has a high surface-to-weight ratio, but doesn’t feel very soft.

This could make them feel a bit more durable.

Macy also recently unveiled their new sandals for men, which will be available in both white and a black shade, priced at about $240 and $360 respectively.

These sandals look as though they will be a staple in Macys footwear collection for quite some time to come.

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