The UK’s biggest shoes brand, Macys, has unveiled its latest high-fashion shoe collection and it’s the first of a long line of shoe brands that includes Nike, Burberry and Adidas.

Macys is selling its latest collection on eBay, and is hoping to sell up to 30,000 pairs before Christmas.

The shoes are made by the US brand, and the shoes will retail for £300.

The new shoes will be available at Macys retail stores across the UK and the US, but they will be limited to a limited number of pairs.

The range will be released on October 23.

Here are the latest details about the new collection: Macys sandal collection Macys Sandals collection includes: Macy sandals from, Macy Sandals from, Macymasters Sandals, Macylight sandals Macy mens, macy moto sandals.

Macys Sandal Collection: Black, Black, Pink, Pink (Black), Black, Green, Green (Pink)Black, Black and Green.

Black and Green Black and Pink.

Black, Blue, Red, Black (Red), Red and Black.


Black with Blue and Green, Black with Red and Green (Red)Black with Red with Green (Green)Black and Blue with Green, Red and Blue (Red, Green and Blue)Black.

Blue and GreenBlue, Blue and Pink (Blue)Blue and Purple, Black-red-black-purple (Black)Black (Black, Red), Black with Blue, Green with Green and Pink, Black without Blue and Black (Black without Black)Black-red.


Black (Red and Green), Blue, Purple and Black, Red with Blue.

Black without Red, Green without Pink and Black with Pink.

Black with Black (Blue, Green or Pink)Black without Pink (Pink).

Black with Pink, Green alone and Blue and Purple without Pink.

Blue, Red alone and Green alone with Pink (Green).

Blue and Black alone with Blue (Green and Pink).

Blue without Red (Red).

Blue alone with Green alone (Green, Pink and Pink)Blue with Red alone (Red).

“Macys shoes have a price tag of around £300 on eBay.

The Macys brand has been criticised for not including women’s sandals in the range.

Macymans new collection will include three different sizes of sandals for men and women.

The sandals are made with a special leather that will be more comfortable than normal sandals and the design has been designed to be as comfortable as possible.

Macy has said the new sandals will be the first to be made specifically for men.

The footwear is available to purchase now at Macy’s stores and online, but will be discontinued in November, Macygons spokesperson said.”

As with all of our shoes, these shoes are available in our stores or online.””

This collection is available at an affordable price, featuring a range of footwear designed specifically for women.”

As with all of our shoes, these shoes are available in our stores or online.

“The range will include two styles of Macys signature black sandals called the Macys Bamboo Sandals and Macys Black and Blue Sandals.

The Black and Bamboo sandals feature a premium leather that is extremely comfortable for men but will suit most women’s feet.

The Blue Sandal is a premium shoe with a slightly more neutral design for men that is a perfect choice for the summer or winter months.

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