JUNEAU, New Zealand (AP) — You know the feeling.

You walk in, find a pair of shoes that don’t fit you, you put them on and the rest is history.

It’s the same thing for a new pair of sandals.

But in Japan, sandals are almost exclusively for men.

Japanese shoes are built to keep your feet in place, so a pair made by French maker Finostone will not fit your feet well.

It also can’t offer a good grip, so you will have to cut your toes.

But if you have a Japanese-made shoe, that’s OK.

The Japanese are a big shoe-making country, and the men’s sandals tend to have better traction and better grip.

Japan has a population of more than 60 million, which means there are a lot of people who like to wear sandals and not shoes.

They’re not going to be buying a pair for the rest of their lives.

In fact, the mens sandals were so popular that the government started requiring them in high school and universities, and they’re now used at all Japanese-owned businesses.

They are a symbol of Japanese masculinity, a sign that men are the backbone of society and a symbol that Japanese women can look good and still be feminine, said Shihoko Yamada, a professor of Japanese studies at the University of Auckland.

The sandals’ popularity has prompted a series of products that focus on the fit.

Japanese women have started making sandals for men, and many women are wearing them to work in Japan’s high-tech industries.

Many women say they like to keep their feet on their feet, which allows them to walk with confidence, said Miyoko Mizuno, an associate professor of communication at Tokyo’s Tokyo Business School.

Japanese men say they love the look and feel of sandal designs, and Japanese men tend to like shoes made in the same style as their women counterparts, which gives the men the feeling of having a more masculine look, she said.

Japanese sandals have become an emblem of masculine style and a fashion statement.

In Tokyo, a lot more men wear sandal-style sandals than women, said Kazunori Matsumoto, a consultant in Tokyo who specializes in Japanese fashion.

They also seem to be popular in the media, with the country’s biggest TV network airing several popular commercials in which men and women wear sandel-style shoes.

The ads portray men and young women in the sandals as equals.

It has been a popular trend for a while.

In 2012, Japanese men were wearing sandal bottoms in the magazine Shoe.com, a popular Japanese shoe website, said Toshihiro Watanabe, founder of Shoe Japan.

It wasn’t until the start of last year that the website began selling sandals again, Watanabes blog says.

That’s a lot better than 10 years ago when men started wearing sandals without any advertisement, Watamabes said.

There are other shoes in Japan that fit Japanese men, too.

Some women like sandals because they provide better support.

And Japanese women prefer sandals that offer more comfort and less weight.

But many Japanese men still don’t like sandal shoes, and it’s not just because of their style, said Watanabi.

Sandals, with their distinctive shape and the long, narrow toe that helps you balance your feet, are the ultimate masculine footwear.

It helps you maintain balance, said Mitsuru Tanioka, a Tokyo-based shoemaker who specializes as a consultant.

The sole of a sandal is shaped like a wedge, so the heel is more pointed and has more control, Taniokas shoes are designed for a man.

They have a very high heel that you can feel as you step on them, he said.

But Japanese men prefer a wider toe that gives you more control of the weight of your foot, Tania said.

Men are more comfortable in sandals compared to sandals made for women, and women tend to prefer sandal styles with longer toe, Taki said.

In Japan, the only other footwear that fits Japanese men is the traditional sandal, a pair worn by traditional samurai, said Takashi Togami, a researcher in Japanese studies who studies Japanese masculinity.

They don’t look masculine at all.

It was a very traditional style for samurai and it is a very Japanese style, Togamis research showed.

It is a Japanese style.

It looks like a traditional Japanese sandal and is very traditional.

It didn’t look like a shoe that was made in China, or a shoe made in Japan or a Japanese shoe.

It just looks like an old traditional sandaling style, he added.

The only other shoe that fits men is a pair called the Japanese sandaling, which are a more traditional Japanese style shoe.

But Togamin says that Japanese

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