sandals are a great option for outdoor activity, but for some it’s not always the most comfortable.

Teva has announced a new line of hiking and outdoor sandals that it claims will be ideal for hiking, biking, walking and running in places with dry or rainy weather.

The company says that hiking sandals have become “a popular summer accessory for women with different body types, including women of color.”

Teva said that for many women, the addition of sandals to their outdoor footwear has become a “cool summer accessory” because they “are often a staple of summer wardrobe.”

Teva said the new sandals will be made in Mexico, and will be available for pre-order on August 25.

They will retail for $159.99.

They are the company’s first hiking sandal line and the first product to feature the brand’s new “water” design.

Water is an element that has a lot to do with why these sandals feel so comfortable, says company founder and CEO and the husband of Teva’s senior vice president of global marketing, Marcela Fisher.

Water shoes are a fun way to go, Fisher says.

You can use the water in the footbed to cushion your foot.

And because the sandals use water-based cushioning, they are very lightweight and can be worn on the move.

“Water shoes for women have become a popular summer feature for women of race, gender, class and ethnicity,” Fisher says in a statement.

“The new water sandals bring the experience of water to life.”

Fisher says that the brand has been working with footwear company Sandals to make its water sandal a “global product.”

“It’s been a long road, but we are really excited to see this product hit shelves,” Fisher said.

“This is a great opportunity for women to take on the challenge of being comfortable in their footwear.”

In a statement to WIRED, Tevas director of international marketing, and marketing manager, Rachel Kavulich, said, “The idea of creating a water-proof hiking sandali is one that we are all passionate about.

We know that for women and girls, sandals offer a lot of benefits, including flexibility, protection and warmth, but the comfort and durability of these sandal styles is what really makes them special.”

While the shoes have some pretty interesting features, Fisher notes that she and her husband are also excited about the companys new products and how they will appeal to women who don’t want to sacrifice style.

“We have been looking forward to introducing these new sandal designs for a while, and our excitement was heightened when we were finally able to confirm that Teva was partnering with Sandals and bringing these new water-wicking, breathable sandals,” Fisher added.

“We look forward to bringing the comfort, durability and warmth of these water-resistant sandals in our next product line.”

Sandals have been around for quite some time, but they have become increasingly popular with women of all ages.

And it’s a trend that the brands is hoping will continue.

“For many years, women have been finding ways to wear sandals and sandals alone without breaking the bank,” Fisher explains.

“That’s a testament to the strength of our sandal heritage and the commitment of our designers to make these styles as comfortable and stylish as possible.

And we look forward now to continuing to partner with the leading brand in the water-friendly, water-absorbing, water resistant and waterproof footwear category.”

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