The Balenco Balencinas Sandal Company was founded in 1854 in Barcelona, Spain.

The company’s first model was a woolen sandal that was made from the skins of sheep, goats, camels and deer.

The leather was dyed in a process called “stockinging” in which the animals’ skins were cut into strips.

Each strip was then pressed into a leather bag and then pressed down into a single piece of leather.

The process required high temperatures, high humidity and lots of water to soften the leather.

Balencos sandals were worn by the elite and were used to protect the wearer from the elements.

The first Balencanas Sandalist was born on September 25, 1888, and was named “El Jefe” (God) by his admirers.

The Balenos sandals came into existence in the 1930s.

The word “Balenos” means “sandals” and “sandals.”

The Baleno brand is famous for its “sandalized” look.

A Balenos-style sandal was originally made of a “belly” with a strap attached at the back and an outer “strap” which was attached at each knee.

These “sagas” were typically sold as a pair, but in the early 1960s, they were made of single-piece sandals.

These single-suede sandals are now considered the “modern” version of the Balenos model.

Balenos also produced sandals with different straps, but they are usually referred to as “single-sacked” or “single stacked.”

Balenos have been around since 1852, and the company was founded by the brothers Juan Carlos and José Balenos in 1856.

They were originally called the Balencaos Sandal Co. (the brothers came from the Balonceos family, which had a long tradition of manufacturing sandals).

The Balens were a very respected family of makers, and they were able to produce durable and functional sandals that were used by a lot of prominent figures in the Spanish and European worlds.

The “Balgos” were not the only Balencomas who made sandals in Spain.

In the early 19th century, Balencones were a popular brand of sandals used by famous Spanish and Italian soccer players, and were known as “Fernando” and the “Bagliones.”

The brand had its own name, “Balenconas,” after the Balenic Mountains, and also in the name of Balen-Connais, the city in which Balenos was based.

Balens lasted until the early 20th century and, according to Wikipedia, “the company was the first to offer a sandal made from leather, the first in Europe.

The Sandal of the Spanish Balences, made in 1852-1855 and in the brand name Balenços, became popular worldwide.

In 1960, the Balens introduced a new model: the Balengos Sandals.

The new sandals had the straps, with the straps at the waist, at the toe and the heel.

The upper and lower soles were made from a different leather called “Aranco,” with the soles made from two different hides, called “sapos” and, later, “sabronas.”

The new Balencos Sandaling Company made the “Aronco” sandals for a variety of different people and occasions.

Balengas was eventually bought by the Balena family, who also had a great reputation in the Italian and Spanish worlds.

This brand was eventually replaced by the “Balenco,” which became the “Sandals” brand.

The brand became known as Balen, which means “sandal.”

In 2017, Balens Sandals stopped producing sandals and went back to being made from synthetic leather.

Today, Balenos is still in business.

In 2017 the Baleno Group merged with Balen Caminos to become Balen Cavazos.

The current Balenos brand is still made by the family.

The Spanish Balenos company is still a leader in the luxury market.

The sandals made by Balenos are made from “Aanco” leather, but the new version of Balenos, called Balenos Salsa, is made with “Aaranco.”

This new product, known as the “Salsa Sandal,” is made from three different leathers, which are made of different hides: Sapos (sap), Sabronanas (sabrone), and Aguános (aguános).

The three hides are pressed into one piece of synthetic leather, which is then attached at both the front and back of the ankle.

The material of the Salsa Sandals

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