A new study suggests that the choice of sandal style for young women has an impact on their appearance.

In a study conducted by the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay (IIT-B), researchers found that the preference for sandal styles for girls was based on factors like their height and the quality of the fabric.

“A lot of the factors are related to the wearer’s height,” said Prof. Deepak Shukla, who led the research at the institute.

“Height is also important in terms of comfort level, the shape of the foot, the width of the feet and so on.

In general, girls are more comfortable wearing sandals with more width and length of the sandals and this is one of the reasons they are choosing sandals.”

Sandals are made up of a fabric and a strap.

The strap has a metal ring on top and the fabric has a thin strap that hangs down at the bottom.

The shape of sandels varies according to the shape and shape of feet.

“We found that a sandal made of longer and thicker straps had more impact on the shape, comfort and comfort comfortability of the wearer,” Shukl said.

“There are two different styles of sandales for girls.

A shorter style with narrower straps is considered to be more comfortable and comfortable in the waist,” he added.”

The wider, thicker straps are considered to give a wider silhouette and are also considered to provide greater comfort.”

The researchers also found that sandals were also seen as more comfortable if the wearer wore them with an outer belt.

“We also found a difference in comfort when sandals are worn with a belt,” said Shukal.

“It is thought that the longer strap helps the wearer maintain their balance and also protects them from being pushed in the shoulders.”

The study also found sandals to be very popular among children.

“It is interesting to see that boys and girls use sandals in similar ways, but that the female preference is seen in younger children,” said Dr. Rakesh Kumar, who worked on the study.

“One of the questions that we are now asking is how to understand this preference among girls, particularly in the beginning stages of adolescence,” he said.

Shukla said the study was an opportunity for the institute to look into the social and psychological factors that may contribute to the development of girls’ preferences for sandals.

“Sandals were seen as an alternative to traditional footwear for a variety of reasons, but it is important to think about what are the factors that contribute to this preference,” he explained.

“What is it about the wearer that is different, and why is it that girls prefer sandals?”

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